Check out the top 10 trends shaping debit in 2022

Consumer purchase patterns continue to transform the debit industry, and last year was no exception. The 2022 PULSE Debit Issuer Study – created in partnership with Mercator Advisory Group – highlights 10 noteworthy debit usage trends, key performance indicators and more. After downloading the white paper below, check out an on-demand webinar featuring Steve Sievert, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Brand Management at PULSE, that delves into the data behind the study and shines a light on the future of debit.


To read the 2023 study, you can visit the page here.


Get a close-up look at the state of debit

To gain greater insight into debit trends over the past year, don’t miss 2022 PULSE Debit Issuer Study: Consumer Preference for Debit Persists, Diversifies. This on-demand webinar – featuring Steve Sievert from PULSE – takes a deep dive into the study’s key findings.

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White Paper

Debit Is Moving in Bold New Directions

Download the 2022 PULSE Debit Issuer Study white paper and find out more about forces fueling the growth in debit use – from the increasing reliance on CNP purchases to the rise of A2A transactions.


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