Fraud Detection and Risk Mitigation

Reduce fraud with DebitProtect®

Our resources, your security.

Our people, network and technology. Your security.

Debit fraud mitigation is complex. Our solutions make it simple. The advanced technology powering DebitProtect® works to keep you and your cardholders secure and help detect fraud.

Our difference:

  • Market-leading technology designed to reduce risk exposure with minimal disruption to cardholders
  • Technology powered by FICO® Falcon® with custom functionality from PULSE®
  • Fraud analysts with deep industry expertise and knowledge help you develop a custom fraud-detection strategy
  • A unique network view across all payment types

DebitProtect Standard

Immediate fraud detection

Standard services provide near real-time fraud detection during transaction authorization. If suspicious transactions are detected, we immediately alert you to the potential fraud. DebitProtect is included for all PULSE participants.

Key features:

  • Evaluates each transaction for fraud in milliseconds
  • Uses AI and machine learning analytics for decisioning
  • Powered by state-of-the-art FICO Falcon platform

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Immediate fraud detection
Enhanced security and dedicated support

Authorization Blocking

Enhanced security and dedicated support

Looking to layer even more security options? Authorization Blocking is our premier service that includes all of the features at the standard level with the added benefit of blocking transactions with DebitProtect. Keep your cardholders, assets and reputation safe with the support from a dedicated team, customizable rules and early fraud detection capabilities.

Get the most effective way to fight fraud on the PULSE network with:

  • A dedicated support team
  • Custom rules
  • Early fraud detection

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Assigned support team

Work with a dedicated fraud analyst to develop a strategy tailored to your institution’s size, regional footprint and risk tolerance as well as a dedicated customer service representative.

Customizable rules

Develop targeted, real-time fraud-blocking rules and alerts as well as emergency protocols.


  • Customized fraud mitigation strategies
  • Card-group rules to manage cards impacted by compromise events
  • Self-service emergency rules to fight after-hours fraud—without a fee
  • Restrict and permit cards for travel or legitimate activity

Early fraud detection

With network-wide visibility to emerging schemes, you're prepared to fight fraud more effectively.


  • Real-time fraud blocking for PULSE transactions
  • Regular updates and enhancements to stay ahead of threats
  • Built on the state-of-the-art FICO® Falcon® platform
  • Anomaly detection
  • Cardholder profiling to help detect fraud faster

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