Where debit leadership and support come together

As the only major EFT debit network not owned by a processor or acquirer, PULSE® is empowered to serve our partners without compromise. And as a subsidiary of Discover Financial Services, a direct banking and payment services company, we use our full view of the industry to be a guiding force in providing insights and advocacy.

Our Core Services

Our core services

We exist to build strong issuer, processor and merchant relationships and support routing choice—all while allowing debit cardholders to feel empowered using their cards.

Here’s how we work to make that happen:

Advocates in your corner

While the payment industry may change, our commitment to maintaining choice and competition remains the same. To do that, we’re a part of leading groups within the industry to make sure your voice is heard.

fido alliance
Smart Card Alliance
US Payments Forum

Working Together

Part of the Discover® Global Network

Together, we work to enable global commerce

PULSE is an integral component of Discover® Global Network. Born out of a belief in the power of progress, DGN answers the evolving needs of business with the combined expertise, capabilities and reach of the Discover Network, Diners Club International®, PULSE and our global Alliance Partners. Our collaborative approach helps to accelerate your success – at home and abroad – by providing flexible partnership, global access and proven customer solutions.

Global reach

PULSE powers the U.S. and global ATM network for Discover, Diners Club International, Discover® Debit and other international issuers. This means millions of domestic and international credit and debit cards are accepted at our ATMs, a value that sets PULSE apart from other domestic debit networks.

PULSE Payments Network
PULSE Payments Network

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Explore our difference

Explore our difference

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Meet our leaders

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Find insights and news

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Community service

Doing the Right Thing and Volunteerism are two of our core values. Every year our employees demonstrate their commitment to these values by devoting time, effort and spirit to making a difference in our communities.

Less Fees More Revenue
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Junior Achievement

Finance Park, a special project of Junior Achievement, offers students hands-on activities focused on money management, taxes and investing.


PULSE volunteers use their knowledge and experience to work with students, assist them in budget decisions and discuss career and life choices with them.

CYCLE Bike Build

CYCLE is dedicated to changing lives one bike at a time. The program is designed to buy, build and deliver bicycles to underprivileged children in the Greater Houston area.


The bicycles are incentives for children to stay in school and out of trouble while improving their health. PULSE employees participate by building bicycles as part of the CYCLE bike building event.

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Less Fees More Revenue
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For more than 33 years, Discover and the Make-A-Wish Foundation have been making dreams come true for thousands of children and young adults. 


PULSE is fortunate to participate in granting a wish for a local Make-A-Wish participant with life-threatening illnesses. Discover and its card members have donated more than $18.5 million to the Make-A-Wish Foundation through the Cashback Bonus Program.

Success In Schools

Discover's Success in Schools program helps empower our youth to achieve a brighter future.


PULSE volunteers assemble and distribute backpacks filled with school supplies to local elementary school students at the beginning of each school year.

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