Pulse of the Park:  Theme Park Investment Intelligence

The COVID paradigm has introduced ambiguity for investors in the travel & leisure sector. While retrospective analysis of quarterly financial statements can provide insight into investment opportunities, historical data cannot provide insight into the effects the global pandemic is having on these brands.

Using artificial intelligence on satellite imagery and mobility data, Pulse of the Park provides a near-real-time signal of the ground conditions at each park that drives company revenue.

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Sample Image of Cedar Fair Parking Lot


* Based on parking lot density relative to seasonal average

Cedar Fair: When will the $FUN return?

In Q3 2020 Cedar Fair reported stronger in-park attendance than in the previous quarter. Astraea's Pulse of the Park model successfully predicted this lift in park performance, as shown below.

Excerpt from Q3 Cedar Fair Earnings Release:

...momentum we've gained heading into 2021. Attendance has progressed from a range of 20% to 25% of comparable prior year levels upon the initial reopening of parks in late June and early July to 35% to 40% over the last three months.

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Pulse: multi-source location intelligence for Financial markets

  • Proprietary Pattern-of-life Index provides 360° view of park conditions
  • High-frequency, multi-source intelligence derived from satellite, mobile, and web data sources
  • Fusing of complementary signals reduce bias and increase predictive power of other traditional, single-source location data sets
  • Highly accurate results guaranteed through our "human-in-the-loop" AI validation workflows
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